My Hay-flower

May 19, 2010
By Sammmy GOLD, Webster Groves, Missouri
Sammmy GOLD, Webster Groves, Missouri
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"Perspective shuts out the universe, the love, ad all creativity."


Soft light petals,
And a tall strong stem.
You won't let anybody,
Break and bend you.
Stayin' strong,
Through thick and thin.
I'm just lucky,
To call myself your friend.

Verse One:

The brightest flower,
In all of the meadow.
Standin' strong through the rain,
And all of the harsh snows.
The prettiest colors,
And the sweetest scent.
Your never one to be,
Angry and bent.
You'll stand by me,
And I'll stand by you.
Even though your a flower red,
And I'm a flower blue.
You make me laugh and you make me smile.
Which makes me want to stay and listen,
For a little longer while!


Verse two:

You sway in the wind,
And go with the flow.
But your true to yourself,
You never let you go.
You won't let anyone,
Tell you exactly what to do.
You stand up for yourself,
Even when you don't have to.
You have an iron will,
That's impossible to be broken.
You see someone suffocating,
And you save them from choking.
It's like you stepped into,
A angel-making shower.
'Cause never have I seen,
Such an amazing Hayflower.



Every single petal is it's own.
They're just all tied up in you, in a greatness overload.
Every single petal is each a different part of you.
Every single petal is perfection times two!


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