May 13, 2010
By FiREproof PLATINUM, Morrisville, North Carolina
FiREproof PLATINUM, Morrisville, North Carolina
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"I'm Like a little dog chasing cars, i wouldn't know what to do with one if i caught it"--Joker--
"You either die a Hero or live lonq enuff to watch yourself become thu Villan"--Harvey Dent

Thawts about him are always on my mind.
I have never known another like his kind.
What I lost he helped me find.
I wanna be with him all thu time.
He makes me feel something like I never have.
And he makes me smile even when im mad.
He gives me thu things I want and need.
And when I close my eyes its his face I see.
Hes a good example of how life should be.
And I love to kiss him cuz he’s so sweet.
He is everything I could ask for.
So sincere he leaves me asking for more.
His personality is what I adore.
When he touches me I feel it down to my core.
he rubs me out when im stressed and sore.
He knows my fears and my passions.
He compliments my style and my fashions.
Thu more I know thu more I love.
Seems as tho I cant get enough.
Iont wanna let him go esp. when we hug.

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