May 12, 2010
By FINALDARKNESS12 GOLD, Appleton, Wisconsin
FINALDARKNESS12 GOLD, Appleton, Wisconsin
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"I've told you before. You shouldn't judge people based on appearances and your preconceptions."
"When the rich wage war its the poor that die"

Say that I'm sick
That I'm messed
That I don’t know my place
But io know you’re the one confused
You don’t know what is going on
But if you look though my eyes
You see this worl differently then everyone eles
I guess I'm messed up in my own way

This world is changing
We are the next future
I don’t show that I'm smart
To me its to much work to keep up with
But I'm very smart I know a lot then people think

Yes my views on the world is different
But they all have reasons
Everyone I have goes without reason
I will not stand as it happens again
I will break bonds
Not because I don’t like you
Because I will not see it happen again
I will fight for my rights and views
I will not see someone hurt again

This world is changing
We can contral this future
Some of us don’t show it
We are smart!

We are the new rulers
We are the better people
The higher people
No one can hodl us down
No one can stop us
We will take over this world
Break this world
Never care what anyone says
We wil make a utopia
Anyone that trys to stop us will not happen will we always win

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on Jul. 8 2010 at 4:15 am
101toiletpaper BRONZE, Phx, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
i want to live like this forever

hells ya i love ur poem n i agree 100%


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