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May 17, 2010
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Verse 1:
The moon glows like nothing I’ve seen
Stars glistens are you listening to me
What was once compared to the ocean blue?
I see not of how you see but of bay
And as I find my eyes looking through
I see you take a small glance my way
You’re a country girl falling in love with a
City girl that fears the Earth
Verse 2:
The trees they dance for us.
And the breeze it makes us wonders
Does love have eyes or is love blind?
You’re all I think of,
You’re all I see,
You’re all I speak of
You’re all I need
I’m a city girl falling in love with a
Country girl that don’t give a flip yeah
I am yours and you are mine
It will be just fine in time
Can you help who you love?
Do you choose who you love
Can you help who you love?

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