Love is...

May 12, 2010
You say that it will be me and him forever
That we love each other
I say differently
You don’t know what love is
One of you will get hurt in the end
Tried to warn you
Tried to help
But never enough
Take my hand if you want to make it out with out getting hurt

Love is a fight
Love is a rough thing
Hardest to do if it’s the wrong person
There is normal no trust
No fun for anyone
Fights everyday
Hearts breaking

To many to save in this world
No time to do what I want
But what do I have
Really nothing
Just these songs
But they can't make me feel better
I need someone that I know that will like me
For who I'm is that so hard?
Just a girl that will not leave me in my time of need

Love is a rough thing
It fights back
To make it though it
One person can't go alone
Both people need to there love
Never give up on each other
If not some one will get hurt badly

I understand some lies
To protect them but
To me lying about feelings
Lying about love
That is unforgivable
If you going to abuse love
Get out of the way and let other another person take over
They will do a lot better then you
You don’t deserver a one
I deserver a lot more then what I have I should have a lot of the stuff you have

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