Middle School

May 14, 2010
By scarletmoon SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
scarletmoon SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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It’s my first year
I’m starting on a clean slate
I’ve already goofed up:
On the third day I’m late

New friends, old friends
As one in the lunchroom
Oh no, one moved away
Far too soon

What work? Homework?
Never heard of it before
And when I ask for less
I get more

Three grades
Records made
Three years
Breaking fears
It all flies by so fast
Three grades
Work fades
Three years
Many tears
It all flies by so fast

I’m in seventh grade
My major is math
So many class clowns
To provoke a laugh

A new group of friends
In both seventh and eighth
Especially in art club
Every Wednesday

A cardboard box
Covered with facts
Famous Nevadans’
Environmental impact


Now it’s my final year
I think I’ll go insane
Due to all the pressure and the
Intellectual strain

I’ve been writing books
One letter at a time
Solving equations
Using nickels and dimes

Too excited to learn
The eighth grade dance is almost here
And it’s time to say goodbye
I’ll be going to high school next year

[chorus x2]

When you're in middle school

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