Love In All Forms

May 11, 2010
By tailah balckmon BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
tailah balckmon BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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When Waiting For You To Call Becomes Too Much,
I Start A List Of Reasons Of
Why I Hate You, Love && All Of The Above.
&& Not One Reason Follows After The Title Or The Line I Drew Under It.
To Separate It From...Nothing.
These Insecurities Are Beneath Me.
So Its Beyond Me
Why Im Constantly
Doubting The Feelings You Have For Me.
I Guess In Order To Love You I Have To Love Me.
&& If Thats True Then I Love You So Much That You've Made Me Love Me.
I Love You Past All Senses
Till I Can't, Touch, hear, feel, or taste.
I Love You Past Wits End.
Above && Beyond Insane
Abond && Beyove Insane
Till My Thoughts Dont Make Sense In My Brain, I Love You
Till My Words Dont Make Sense Anymore, I Love You.
When ILY Is Not Enough So I Gotta Make A New Word
Just To Fit The Complexity
Of My Love For You.
Like I Quantangerite You
Or I Duplifixicatiniance You.
I Wanna Breathe You
I Wanna Dance With You
Laser Tattoo Your Name On My Heart
To The Inprint That You've Already Marked.
I Wanna Fly Wit You To The Stars
Make Love On The Moon.
I Want You From 8:00 to noon.
From 12:00 o clock till 2
from 2:00 to six.
from 6:00 pm till 6:00 hours later
everyday. every hour.
i need you.
there is no love greater.
its not possible.
its not stoppable
its cliche
its cheezy
its real
its nauseating
its breathtaking
its all those things that first loves are made of
that highschool love is made of
and then some
then way past that
its that first kiss
mixed with that first date
mixed with that first time your song plays
its love in all forms
combined in one
sent to me through you
through you
i see a better me
take me
transform me

The author's comments:
This Piece Is About My Boyfriend <3

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