Deep In The Snow

May 6, 2010
By Jordan7 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Jordan7 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Deep In The Snow

Was the longest winter I ever saw
From within I found we all make ourselves fall
And the blame
Puts ourselves to shame

When someone saunters the deep white snow
No one would bother to pull them out to help them go
Down you’d sink
Down farther below

When your looking towards the mirror
And you don’t look past the reflection
You see yourself
But someone not the same

If our love would show
Will it let us go?

When you look upon the skin
Instead of looking underneath
What you find
Is what you can’t confide

When green, becoming our daily
Turns to us to be pain free
Is a new form of Believe

Each fighting for what is true
Would leave gods left to not decide
For if one prevails
Is when you cant hide

Don’t you ask me,
When will we all be free?

When our land is run from leaders
Who look at us through a magnifying glass
For in the future
We will not then last

Soldiers unaccounted
Never gained their right respect
For one by one
Becoming lost

All of us have that pride
That takes us through our time
For if we don’t follow the road
Takes us down to the snow
So if our love would show,
Would it let us go?

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