Where Did Time Go?

May 8, 2010
Baby, you used to know me better then I knew myself
And I still know your face like the back of my hand
But, time is flying by, and I don’t know how long we have until we’ve grown up.

There we were 6 years old, playing with action figures. Playing pretend games that made no sense. You were my best friend and I was your playmate. Where did time go?

5th grade and we’re walking home. Joking around, just talking about nothing. Like we didn’t have a care in the world. But no more childish games


Here we are 7th grade, it’s hard and the stress was never higher. We’ve never had dances like this before, and now my heart is getting in the way. I don’t just want to be your friend, I want to be your valentine, I want you to love me and hold me near, or I want to go back in time cause’


6 years old, Where did time go? Oh where did it go? We were just 6 years old, Where did time go?

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