May 8, 2010
By Anonymous

There’s that girl, That I am so glad to see,
I just wish, that she could realize I want her to be with me,
I look into her eyes, And I see into her heart,
There will always be, That part of me, That never wants to part,
It is quite obvious, to those who know me very well,
To tell, That I am stuck in an everlasting cell,
The walls don’t seem to fall, And I’m going through it all,
With just a prayer and a hope, As I see her in the halls,
Hoping that one day, I will be rid of this,
Never ending sorrow, Replaced by constant happiness,
It is hard when I look down, Way down at the ground,
I hear the sound, Of her voice and it feels like a mound,
Of constant emotion, That could drag me to the bottom of the ocean,
Feelings flying everywhere, that a person could soak in,
I am just stuck to wait, Every minute of every day,
Just knowing no matter what, the verdict will be the same,
It drags me down, And I try to hide,
This feeling that, I keep inside,
But it’s no use, It will get out,
Via poem, Or even if I have to shout,
That I love this girl, And I don’t know why,
But not having her, could make me cry,
And I just sigh, Blow it off,
Try to take it, Pretty soft,
But it hurts like no other, And I just got to say,
Even though I’m stuck to wait, She makes every minute of my day,
She laughs at me, constantly, As she gives that lovely smile,
As if to say, that I’m crazy, But she could laugh for a while,
It’s a very mixed emotion, And I certainly have highs and lows,
Sometimes I feel so bad, And other times it’s love I show,
I want to end, On a high note with her,
And just tell her a nice farewell, Tell her she means the world,
Maybe that’s what I’ll do, Show my affection at the end,
Maybe somehow it will work, And these wounds will start to mend.

The author's comments:
Just another one of those stories about that girl that you love, but for some reason, whatever it may be, you cannot tell her right now. My reason? I am going to be leaving her forever.

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