Totally Just Carefree

May 8, 2010
Straight lines, hushed halls
Whispering little kids
Teachers going Shhhhh
Small desks, same class all day
Teddy Bears and Dolls
Youngest kids in school
Bell rings and then

Smiling, laughing, dancing around
Singing, holding hands
Skipping, running
Twirling in circles
Just little kids
Wild and free
Being totally just carefree

Now, Crying, hurting
Running down the halls
Praying you won’t be late
Homework is too hard
And dance is even harder
School’s just a total waste of time
And now you’re realizing that
You’re not so little anymore


Onstage, curtain opens
Bright lights, huge audience
Small class
2 girls
And you’re so nervous
Music is fast
The dance is hard
If you mess up
Everyone will see
You’re not so carefree anymore
Point your toes
Don’t arch your back
And smile
Make your teacher proud
Cause in your head


Just being little kids
And dancing through this small life
Onstage, where everyone can see
Being totally just carefree
Little kids being carefree

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