Words passed on to you...

May 8, 2010
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You are a friend that I will never be able to explain,
You make me feel wonderful,
Yet we don’t talk that much in school,
But no matter what goes on,
I know that I will try my best to be there,
And I get the feeling that you would try to do the same,
Although time has not been on my side,
Adaptation to this friendship has been quick,
And without regret,
I cherish every word passed along,
I enjoy every laughed shared together,
I will remember all the times that have happened,
And I will never forget,
As I leave you and the rest,
I just want to make it clear that I will take along these memories,
With the fullest of my heart,
And that you, and everyone else,
That has impacted me in ways,
That I cannot say, without borrowing a phrase,
Will be a part of me forever.

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