Little Ballerina

May 7, 2010
By BalletDancer13 SILVER, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
BalletDancer13 SILVER, Berwyn, Pennsylvania
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Oh, Little Ballerina don’t cry. You’re still young, you have time to try. You’ll get better, that’s for sure. Just get back up and try again.

Oh, little Dancer, look at you now, he may have broken your heart, but it’ll heal, just like it did when you were a little girl. Just keep dancing, you’ll get better, but careful, cause’ it’ll only get harder

I hope the best for you, little girl, for the last few years you have left, treat all the little ballerina’s well, remember you were once like them yourself. Please treat them well, you were once one yourself. Now time has come and gone, so you have to try to move on!

Oh, little Prima Ballerina, you’re not so little anymore. I hope you don’t regret the life you chose, cause’ now you’ve got to follow till’ the end.

Please little Ballerina, don’t cry, everyone must grow up, and it was just your time.

Oh Ballerina, go and perform, do your best cause’ you never know which performance will be your last, So dance before the music is over, before you’re time ends.

You’re hurt now, you’re leg will never move right again and now it’s too late to start again, if you’d lived your life right you’d be at home not at the studio, you’d have a little ballerina of your own
Oh little girl, buried today, she lived her life, please don’t cry for her, little ballerinas. She was like you once, not so long ago, she wanted you to know “Don’t lose yourself along the way, be true to who you are, or you’ll end up this way. Oh little girls treat each other well, cause’ you all might be like her someday


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Please don’t cry

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