April 29, 2010
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When you’re knocking down the mantelpiece
I’m so far away
I can’t answer
Why can’t I answer?
Please don’t go, I love you
Please don’t cry, I’m so sorry
Where are you going?
I’ve failed you again
I’ve ran knifes through our hearts
Why everything runs under our skins?
All our thick skins are lies
All our thick skins are just blackened ashes
Whittling into time’s everlasting grace
Beyond them lies our brazen minds
Beyond that lies our broken souls
Where we are undone again?
Under the thunderous recantation of our vows
Under the thunderous rotunda after bows
We stand here wondering aimlessly
You’ll never look me in the eye again?
You’ll never dream of my lips again?
I’ve done nothing but wander aimlessly for so many years
I’ve said nothing but lies, after every loose tear
Where must I lay down to rest?
So, when the darkness overtakes me
So, when I’m gone, I pray, you’ll tred lightly on my memory

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