Turn your actions into words in the song of our life :)

April 29, 2010
By Imaninjabutterflyghost GOLD, Chula Vista, California
Imaninjabutterflyghost GOLD, Chula Vista, California
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Oh, sing me a song from far, far away..
I'll keep it in my thoughts always..for a rainy day..
Oh, please play me a tune...
I'll think of you while I lay here... gazing at the moon...
knowing, someday...I'll see you soon
...I cant hear it, but I can pretend.
I'll sing along with you like this night will never end.

My heart will be the beat,
to go with your words, sweet..
and it will play the melody until again we meet.

It will travel through time and space,
and make my cheeks blush, and my heart race...

Oh, if I could have any wish...
Your words are like a kiss...
Nothing could fell better than this...
You fill in the notes that I miss.

I'll look at the stars,
and know your singing to me,
thousands of miles away, no matter where you are...
or wherever in the future we may be.

Its night time...
Thinking of you it's easy to make words Rhyme.

I'll make up words to your song too,
I wish we'd go on making it up forever...
Me and You.

We'll make up the words as we go along...
some things like this, just can't go wrong...or they can..
Who knows where in life we'll go..
the end of this song though...it seems like I know. :)

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