Finger Painting

April 28, 2010
Our hearts, Ice cold hearts
are melting like popsicles on a summer day
Colors pooling into puddles like rainbows
we'll dip our fingers in it and paint pictures gaily away...
I promise we'll live forever and after happily
creating a river of sunshine,
and darling, will you be mine?

I missed you when it was frozen winter
but now it is spring,
and darling, wont you be my everything?

we swan through rivers made of tears
we should have stood up for love, to our fears...
but we didnt..
and almost drown
we were both confused and lost
now we're found.
promise well never let each other fall again...

I think summers here to stay...
and I know that we'll have tough times darling, but for now,
we're Ok.

We'll paint pictures in the deep blue sky
with our dreams and words
and sing our story to life
like a lullaby...
the most beautiful we've ever heard.

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