My Missing Half

May 2, 2010
By TallyYoungblood SILVER, Albion, New York
TallyYoungblood SILVER, Albion, New York
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Yesterday's history, tomorrow's a mystery, but today is a gift, that's why it is called present

Don't you know you were my heartbeat
and my morning
and my night

And I had never found the half of me
that ever fit
quite right

You were my equal
and my partner
most importantly my friend

And when I said I'd always love you
I always meant
until the end

I know you've got you eye
on other girls
your age

I know I'm one year younger
but my love
will never change

Because I'm just 13
I know my words cannot explain

That I need a person I can trust
and will love me
just the same

You're the only one I've ever found
that truly cared
'bout what I felt

My emotions and my feelings
my hard times
and my fights

Who called in early dawn
or past 10 o' clock
at night

There's just one more thing
I need to say
before my poem's through

David, I truly love you
And hope one day
You'll love me too

And if you ever get this poem
know what's written
here is true

I cannot go on my daily life
without you

The author's comments:
David, the only ex I could never get over. I felt a close connection to him in a way I've never felt about anyone else. I wish I could just tell him how I really feel.

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