BE NEAR (song lyrics)

April 26, 2010
By ianjamess SILVER, Auburn, California
ianjamess SILVER, Auburn, California
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If you walk through life living for everyone else you will never actually live yourself.

VERSE 1---

There is a place, where I can go, there is a place, sin has never known, where I can be alone with you, (guitar filler stop-start)

There is a time, without a clock, tick tock tick tock you've made it stop, a time where I can be..alone with you (guitar filler)


And every time I open my eyes, im amazed how much you have touched my life

even when I can't really feel you there, I love you, I need you, come and make me whole again,

I love you (echo)

I need you (echo)

I feel you (echo)

Wrap me in your arms again,

VERSE 2---

Oh and for those times that I feel dry, come and rain down in my life, raise yourself, raise yourself up high

and when I feel, all alone, come and make yourself at home, in my life, in my life be real to me



Im pleading, crying out to you, im screaming, come and make me new,

Im down on my knees, hoping you will set me free, tonight!

Im pleading, im screaming, im crying out to you, im down on my knees, praying freedom in my life,

Hold me, hold me, hold me tight, and in my life be glo-rified.



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