OPEN MY EYES (song lyrics)

April 26, 2010
Verse 1---

It’s time to awake, a passion inside, a love that’s been burning, out the lies
It’s time to rise up and awaken my heart, Lord I am ready give me a brand new start!
It is time to wake up, sleeping is done, open my eyes Lord, let me see the Son!
Like the clouds run away, when the wind blows, let the Son come down and clear my soul!
Save me like your everlasting, plan always was, as your ride on, the Ancient Son!
Save me and wake me, this slumber is done, Lord I am ready fill me with your Son!
Jesus I am running, so hard after you, but a blindfold holding back something from you
Break it off and make me brand new once again, Lord I am no longer running from this!
(use into chorus) So Lord I pray..


Open my eyes, so I can see, the things unseen, glorious beauty,
Lord you are pure majesty forever honor and glory to your holy name
Wont you open my heart, make me whole once again!
I want you, more than gold and wont you
Open my eyes, to the things unseen, open my eyes, so I can see
I want to see your face, your mercy and grace, fall upon me!
Now wont you open my eyes, open my heart! I need to see,
Give me a fresh new start!
I pray you open my eyes, to the things unseen, All I want is your pure love for me!

post chorus---

So please Lord, come down, make me whole again
So please Lord, come down, give me a touch again
So please Lord, im asking, once again give me your heart within!

Verse 2-----

As the sun rises above, fill my heart with your love, your mercy and grace, shine like the brightest sun!
As I awake your love over me, my heart, it cries out, for your holy mercy!
Now as I lay here sleeping once again, awaken my heart, break off all this sin!
Now as I lie here, worshipping the king of all kings! Your grace and your mercy, show me your majesty!
Now as I lie here, sleeping, open my eyes, Lord its dreams that I want, filled with your holy life!
Now as I lay awake, in the middle of the night, open my eyes to see the angels by my side!
Now as I lay awake, almost to the otherside, wont you open my eyes, to see its not a long ride!
Now won’t you come upon me, and when the time is right, Lord reveal to me your wholeness in my sanctified life!....

(chorus into post chorus back (2x))

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