April 26, 2010
I will follow, (guitar intro)

If you, decided to go, across the ocean, I would, never leave you, don’t go, or I’l fo-llow-you…

And if you, decided to find, a new way to open up your mind, I would leave all my cares behind, cuz I will follow you

And I will follow you, until the end of the world, or until we fall and hurl, I don’t care, where you go, just know, that I will follow(two guitars slightly scratchy but pretty melodies….)

And if you, traveled through time, I would, not wait to pass it by, all the way, until the end of time, I will follow you and I will not let go, even if you take me down below, the sea, the ocean, the sky and the moon, if you go sailing baby I’l be there with you.

And baby, if you, escape my grasp again, I will not rest till I can see you again,

And baby if you, try to run away, the farthest flight would not make you feel okay,

And baby you know, that wherever you go, away, I’l be there waiting-to bri-ing you home

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