Trapped in an Open Jar

April 26, 2010
Hold on, just a minute, wait, i just can't go on this way, i'm seven feet tall when the roof begins to fall. Cave, in on me again. My heart is all a swim, while I sit here sinking in my puddle of infatuated loneliness while the light it still beckons.
why, does this have to be so hard? so simple yet bizarre, like a purple elephant that will sit in a lidless jar?
We dance to the tunes of angels, yet have pranced the steps of devils, why do we feel so unaligned? When your feet are so light? Yet a brick you cannot move with all your might? Something, isn't right.
(And now i'l sing, Please take, ahold of me? Won't you show me, what it means to fly? (I need to feel alive! (echo)) Hold me, won't you stay, just for a while? because all i need? Is a little smile?)

When snakes move in? The mouse trap grim, your foot hold, begins to slip, just look up at, the clouds so firm. Sometimes we need a drift, the world it seems, is nothing at all, quite like the way we thought it would fall, when it gets down to, the end of the road, we zigzag the same way again. Different trees, yet the same footsteps, we avoid the distractions of every breath, no matter how, far or small, live we will again! (Live we will again...) (Back to chorus)

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