April 15, 2010
By ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
ChillinBM PLATINUM, Kimberly, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
Bad is Good compared to Worse.

1am and im sittin here,
Trying to explain something which doesn’t come in so clear
Sometimes I write to get away from my fears
To run away and escape like someone could with a beer
So disguise myself well but I know that they’ll always be here

But you see
When I’m lookin at myself and what I could be
I see the reality that the things I do are changing me
And that what I had thought I was initially
Is not what I’ve been recently

Trying to hold my head high and move on by
But my heads so high that im livin a lie
Cause the rush changes who I see infront of my eyes
But once I stopped and pulled back into what I left behind
I realize that everything I felt and had next to my side
Lives only in that moment but does not last through time

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