The Unsolvable Puzzle

April 22, 2010
The pieces are falling,
please put me back together.
Like a puzzle that can’t be solved,
I frustrate all who try.

Chorus: Welcome to my mind.
Where things make no sense.
Welcome to my heart.
Inside it you might get lost.
Hello stranger,
welcome to my conscience,
I hope you can find your way.

Please don’t give up on me.
Just look at my darkened face,
and see the tear below my eye.
Watch it fall, just like my empire.

Some pieces have been lost,
and most won’t be found.
Open your eyes stranger,
please see that I’m falling apart.

Try to solve me,
please figure me out.
Fit them together,
stitch me up if you have to.

My eyes are growing dim,
time is running out.
Please help me stranger,
I’m quickly coming undone.


Piece by piece they hit the ground.
Watch them fall watch go.
My heart is growing violent,
please ease this pain.

I’m sorry stranger,
you’ve failed to save me.
They’re all gone now,
I’m nothing but an empty shell.

The unsolvable puzzle,
I have fooled yet another one.
Call me strange, call me evil,
I couldn’t give a god damn.

You think you’ve figured me out,
but couldn’t be more wrong.
I’ll trip you up, shame you and hate you.
Goodbye stranger, you’ve met the unsolvable puzzle.

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