The Reason for My Secrecy

April 22, 2010
How-could you
always think about me-in vain?
Please-tell me
what I’ve done to deserve-this pain.
When-I want peace
I only get war-and go insane.

So I stand right here
with a tear in my eye…

These thoughts-all say
that there’s no reason-to convey.
Sweat-and blood
stain the ground-each day.
Knives-are drawn
and skin-is torn.
So-in the dark
I hide to avoid-the pain.

When you see me
no pain is ever shown.
And the reason for my secrecy.
is the weakness in my heart.
Just look into my eyes
and who knows what you will find.

And the reason why I cry each day
is not because I’m not on the other side.
It’s not because of what they say,
but it’s because I have to hide.

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