Where I Go

April 21, 2010
By Clopsey PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Clopsey PLATINUM, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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You ask me where I go,
When I don’t know where to run.
You ask me where I hide,
When I can’t see the sun.
You ask me where I go
When I need a place to sort things out
A place where I am not alone
And I know that I’ll find help.
You ask me who I trust
When I need a shoulder to lean on.
You ask me where I run
When I need to just have someone.

I answer
Over mountains and rivers wide
With tears that I never cried
Through the jungles and behind locks
Where I can’t hear you when you knock.
A place that no treasure map
Will ever help you find
Unless you understand the things
Buried in my mind.

Well, the place where I go
Is somewhere deep down in my soul.
Where sticks and stones can’t go,
And someplace you will never know.
A place I couldn’t lead you to
Because I can’t always go,
But when I need a place to run to,
Somehow I just know.

You ask me if I have a spot
Somewhere in the woods
Where I just sit and think things through
When I feel misunderstood.
Well there’re no woods without the sound
Of birds and wind and horsepower
And today I can’t find a mountain
Without internet and wire towers.

You ask me what I fear
And if I’m afraid to fail.
You ask me if I’d fall down
Or face a coming gale.
You ask me if I lie
And if I’m afraid to die.
You ask how much I know
And how far away I’ll go.

I answer
Through a winding maze
Where only I can find my way.
Where the world is one big play
And I get out what I need to say.
When I make up all my answers
What I’m trying to say is here,
And where I know its okay to cry
For being lost in fear.


You ask me if I like the night
To calm down if I’m in a fight,
If I prefer dusk or dawn,
And where we go when we’re gone.
You’ll go to the woods
Where you always stood.
And lay down in the ground
And you won’t make a sound.


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on May. 13 2010 at 12:28 pm
SunShineSparkle BRONZE, Orange, California
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Favorite Quote:
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in not gonna lie i really like this its really good, i felt something there.


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