I can make it

April 17, 2010
By Asha Alexander BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
Asha Alexander BRONZE, Newark, New Jersey
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Verse One
Freedom is what I ask for
Freedom is what I plead
The courage to let my heart soar
The spirit to fulfill my needs

The power to lift my soul up
And graciously accept my deeds
The fire that burns in my heart
Pushing me on to succeed

And I know I can make it
Cuz I got my own mind
Picking myself up off the ground
Through the roughest of times
And though I can get lost on my way
God will always set a path
Which privileges me to obey
To escape my darkened past

Verse Two
The truth is what I yearn for
The truth is what I need
Granting me the power to uncover
All the doubts in me

With the strength to continue on
Never forgetting but learning from them
The past will correct my present
By reminding me of lessons passed

Chorus 2X

Verse Three
Ohh All the lessons that i've learned
Ohh All the battles that i've fought
Ohh All the losses and the wins
I may have lost a piece of my heart
But I won my spirit back
And I know that I can make it

I can make it
I can make it

The author's comments:
I was angry one night and I thought I would't make it and somehwere I gathered strength within myself.

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