Masked Face

April 16, 2010
I see you looking at me,
Eyes filled with apathy,
Don’t pretend you don’t see,
How can I once mean everything,
And now mean absolutely nothing?

How can you facilely wear another’s face?
Acting as if you’ve never seen this place,
You’ve hidden inside yourself, tucked away,
Saying things I know you’d never say,
You impersonate invincibility, you’re not that strong,
If you think you’re fooling me, you’re undeniably wrong,

I don’t recognize the face you wear,
Your rejection leavings me drowning in despair,
Ripping my heart out, but you don’t care,
Shed your composure, you aren’t sincere,
Deep inside, I know you still feel,

You walk away like it doesn’t hurt,
Like the tough guy you imitate, but you aren’t,
It’s me that you have blatantly left behind and blinded,
With memories of which you prefer not to be reminded,
Thinking to yourself “Oh she’ll be fine”,
Deliberately, never thinking of her again,

You said this was for our own good,
I trusted you when I never should’ve,
Put on a stranger’s face,
Back away a runner’s pace,
Although not every sacrifice,
Is worth the heart-wrenching price,

You think you are helping when you walk away?
It only results in more damage and leaves me wishing for a different day,
You didn’t expect me to swallow you’re deceiving,
But every rehearsed line you spoke I was believing,
How could something so full of bliss,
Have an ending as excruciating as this?

I ask myself this again today,
As I watch my masked-boy walk away,
But little does he know that his fancy disguise,
Never prevented me from seeing the truth in his eyes.

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