as for the roses

April 12, 2010
By tibby BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
tibby BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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Favorite Quote:
i feel you on my fingertips, my toung dances behind my lips-flyleaf

they stopped careing a long time ago (guy whispering)

vI: blood, bang! loves just a game.
take it back, in a panic attack.
for ou i cried. for you i died. (girl singing)
and exactly what do i get?! (guy screamo)
im so sick, why dont i erase your god damn name?! oh yah, its because we're so god damn insain (girl singing, x2)
correct me if am wrong....
does death silenca pain?
hello me name is... (guy singing same time as girl)

trying and beaging
to kill off this thinkinking.
before the cyniade sinks in. (girl singing)
but what do we get from this? (both screamo)

repeat choras

just you and i.
with stsrless eyes.
remain..... (guy whispering x2)

repeat choras in a 4 person round.

hello my name is...(guy whispering)
take off you mask..... (girl whispering same time as guy)

The author's comments:
an argument with my ex....

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