Picture Perfect Image

April 8, 2010
~Picture Perfect Image~

For you too look amazing as you do,
I spend my time gazing at you,
For you to look as perfect as you do,
reality touches the eye perfect for you,
My eye wonders on to you,
when i notice the perfect eyes,
the perfect face,
the perfect body,
sometimes i wonder if its a dream,
baby you make me see,
why this world is so beauitful,

Your love is like a sunset,
setting on my point of view,
an image ill never forget,
the pictures on the wall,
all memories of us forget,
You make me stand so tall with no regrets,
Shinning down, Brighting up,
Your sweet melody touch,
And your Lushes tasting lips,
Are like first kiss all over again,

Baby you are my picture perfect image,
there ain't nothin i take to discrimmige,
Baby im here for you like your angel,
a gaurdian at heart,
So many words to describe you were do i start,
just showin some romantic love boo,
Everything i say is true,
Love you. <3

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