Who Listens

April 11, 2010
Come on guys were ready to go now
The old me is gone yes he is dead now
So come with me were going to give a eulogy
Its saying goodbye to the boy I used to be
Ya that’s right a real man don’t act like that
Makes you think you’re cool but that’s just a load of crack
A real man don’t brag a real man don’t cheat
A real man don’t live on his back but on his feet
I am doing this for me not for any of you
Because I don’t care if you judge me on the things I do
It don’t matter its not your call
In the end its god who judges us all
Yes I believe in god up above
He is floating around like a little dove
Some people don’t need a push but a shove
Shove In the right direction of how to make your life right
Got to work by day and on through the night
I live my own way with some guidance from above
The mormon way is to forget and to love
So lets forget about who I was and love who I will be
Yes I am mormon don’t say I’m not its not your call don’t judge me
Theres nothing wrong in the religion I believe
I know its right nothing you say could make me leave
I got to church weekly no monthly or annually
Christmas is not when you go even if you pray daily
So don’t say you’re better because I know you’re not
I have been through hell and back lessons are all I got
Growing up aint easy and I have done it alone
Father don’t love me or at least not shown
But that’s for another time this ones about me
This is saying bye to who I was

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