That's my God

April 10, 2010
God I’m down here on my knees

Cause it’s the last place to fall,

Begging for another chance
If there’s any chance at all.

It seems like lately

I’ve forgotten how to pray.

These words are hard to say

But I’m down here on my knees

Because you give me hope
You take my hand

You turned it all around
And gave me aspiration again
Cause you took my hand
And you took it all away
That’s my God

I should have been praying to everyday
After the day I remembered how to pray
I saw the light in my darkest time
I turned my head and I saw you take my hand
You removed my pain, misery and dissension.
I hear you promising me
Never to leave me.
But somehow this feels like a dream
I guess it’s been so long
I forgot what it felt like to pray
That’s my God.

When I pray
I in some way forget to breath
God, you take my breath away.
As I turn my head and see you take my hopeless hand,
You take my strife away,
Turn me around
And give me hope again.
That’s my God.

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