You Turned Around

April 6, 2010
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Mom:All I really want is you.
Can’t you see it in my eyes
Whenever I try to prove to you That I love you
That I don’t want you to let me go
And I won’t hurt you So you won’t hurt me
Can’t you see, baby how much I need you?
I know I shouldn’t be doing these silly things that we do
It will harm me, It will harm you
But guess what really happened?

Mom:You tore my heart and walked away
I was shedding in tears saying,
Baby don’t go. This new baby girl needs you
Like I do
Baby, don’t go. I really love you.
Don’t hurt me because you made this mistake
And I had to follow
Before it was too late
For you to turn around

Mom:She was born on September 9th.
My mom and dad were right by my side.
Oh, if you can look in her eyes –
You would see you.
And when I look at her I almost cry
Just to know that the father of the baby

Mom & Daughter:
Tore our hearts and walked away
The baby and I were shedding tears saying,
Baby don’t go. We both need you.
Baby don’t go. We really love you.
Don’t hurt me because we had her.
She is my new love now
It’s too late because
You turned around

Daughter:I’m 26 years old now
Walking down the aisle
Missing my father instead my grandpa’s doing your job for you.
So need to worry,
Even though he’s dying now.
You can’t see me lighting up now.
And a week after the wedding I went up to your doorstep and said,

Daughter:I can’t believe you tore my heart and walked away
You missed my wedding.
You were missing in my family
I wish you didn’t go, I really need you.
I wish you didn’t go, I’d really love you.
Don’t hurt me for saying this:
It’s too late for you to be a part of my family
Because you turned around.

Mom:No no, you turned around without saying goodbye.
Daughter:No goodbyes
Mom & Daughter:
I wish you didn’t turn around.

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