What am I?

April 1, 2010
I'm a ghost.
someone no one can see
I'm neglected most
I pass through life unnoticed, but look real hard, you might find me.
I'm a ghost
and a fly

on the wall
I need change, but people don't even try.
I'm the thing you trip over when you fall
I never ask questions, never ask why
I'm sometimes so quiet, I'm not there at all.
I'm a ghost
and a fly

on the wall

I'm a butterfly...who flutters by
I'm impossible to find,
because I have no name to call.
Don't look under, around, up or down...but in the mirror; or behind.
you might see me if you had a tape of all the lives you live
you might see me briefly flash on the screen as you pressed rewind
...but I don't hold grudges, I always forgive.
I'm a ghost and a fly
on the wall
I'm always there, yet never am
I have no soul
I'm a ghost and a lamb
...yet I fill spaces, empty holes.

I am a sorrow, yet I console.
I'm a ghost
and a fly
on the wall

and a butterfly
You don't see my now
you wont see me ever
I'm not allowed...
You wont look for me now, and you will never.

I'm invisible, lost in a crowd.

I'm fading...
I'm always here waiting

I'm not sure if I'm something you can touch,
something you can feel.

If you found me
I'd be gone, and you wouldn't know where I went
Maybe I'm dead like a rock, or living like a tree
I'm evanescent.

I'm a ghost, someone no one can see.

...try to find me?

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Imaninjabutterflyghost said...
Apr. 29, 2010 at 7:20 pm
aww thanks =] I'm glad u like it ..teehee...but its not about me ;)
Radical_Rebecca said...
Apr. 28, 2010 at 8:41 pm
This is really expressive!  I was searching for my piece when I stumbled upon yours and I believe we have some of the same ideas.  I like your rhyming scheme and your description of yourself without giving too much away. 
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