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March 13, 2010
By Anonymous

The stars come up and the moon comes out
I feel the cold wind of the night
As I lay beaten on this dampened ground
It's wet from all the tears i've cried
And there's no escaping I can see
All the world has deserted me
But then why do I hear your voice in my head
It can't be a nightmare
Then why do I see your face in every mirror
And sing your name like a lullaby just to put me to bed
No this can't be
I won't die again
Why do I wake up screaming
It's as if my nighmare never ends

The author's comments:
This was written about a year ago, so it's probably not my best, but I love it because it was one of those things where as soon as your hand touched the pen, everything clicked. This is one of the few that I actually have a set rhythm in my head for, and I love it. Like I always say, this was inspired by the same person that it always is.

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