Heartbreak's Murder

March 7, 2010
By deathonapedestal101 GOLD, Owego, New York
deathonapedestal101 GOLD, Owego, New York
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Favorite Quote:
If thou lovest me then,
Steal forth thy father's house tomorrow night;
And in the wood, a league without the town,
Where I did meet thee once with Helena,
To do observance to a morn of May,
There will I stay for thee.

The cuts upon her wrist,
match the scares that were left on her heart,
she joined the bttleand lost the war,
she will love forever,
no more,
her heart,
it shattered,
he built it up and tore it down,
just to watch her breakdown,
he said he loved her no more,
wanted soone different,
he left,
she let go as she bled out,
she had forgotten what life was all about,
people live,
people die,
people laugh,
and people cry,
she however,
doesn't laugh,
nor cry,
he simply dis,
by closing her eyes,
she made a mistake,
now she is to late,
it was unintentional suicide,
she wishes to take it back,
but she is too late,
so as she dies she weeps and cries,
and says i loved him,
one last time.

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