A Summer's Dream

I push open the door, sun pours into the room.
Summer has come to rescue me, save me from my doom.
Carefree living, the breeze whistles through the trees.
The sight of this wonderful place would bring you to your knees.
The ocean water glistens like the eyes of a happy child.
I can hear the neighbors in the pool next door, careless, free, and wild.
Barefoot in the grass, best friends by my side, this is summer at age 15,
just a bunch of teens living in a summers dream.
Can you find anything so clam and beautiful as this season?
In my head I can't, but I can't give you just one reason.
Beach days and bonfire nights,
decisions differing between wrongs and rights.
Sunroof pushed up, curfew pushed back.
Summer is that little bit of green pushing through the sidewalk crack.
Everythings right, the weather is great for soccer.
Don't need to worry about if I left that book in my locker.

The ocean glistens like the eyes of a happy child.
Suddenly I feel groggy, my alarm clock is going wild.
The air is cold, is the air conditioner on too high?
I'm walking past the window, something catches my eye.
That can NOT be snow, falling from the sky.
Realizing what just happened, I feel like I could cry.
I touch the window, it's damp and cool.
That's when my mom calls out "are you ready for school??"

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