This is odd.

March 23, 2010
I like seeing you at your most vulnerable point,
your unconscious face.
your inactive body.
your makeup stained eyelids.
it makes me realize how human you are, and I hate it.
so slur your speech a bit more.
throw it all up.
I'm not the one who spiked the punch,
with the red lipstick on your drink glass.
and I know you hate the rain,
but its better than anything,
the way it washes it all away.
Rise all of those sins out of your hair baby,
because the lies are what's killing you.
So take a step back, and step back.
You're only hurting yourself this time around.
and baby, you're not bringing me down,
I refuse to let you.
Everything is in your hands now.

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Bethani said...
Apr. 19, 2010 at 3:17 pm
Great work! Tell me him how you feel! Let it out!
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