Run away

March 23, 2010
go go go love
go! run away little dove
dont stay anymore
your pain they ignore
cant stand this anymore, its to hardcore
go on your on quest for more
go run away dont look back
dont stay and wait for him to take another crack
the pain gets to hard
youve become scarred
youve become tired of always being on guard
the tears stopped long ago
not because u didnt cry, but because there was none left to flow
youve run out
still though your silent tears are louder than a shout
you want to go without a doubt
but you grieve on the fact that you cant leave
theres no one who will believe
youve realized theres nowhere to run away to
youve realized someone caring for you is overdue
someone caring for you? thats a dream worthy of you to pursue
to bad itl never come true
the world doesnt care
they dont care if you think your dispair is unfair
not that it would matter, your heart is beyond repair

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lucybugg101 said...
Jul. 4, 2010 at 9:51 am
This is beautiful Bakir. You have so much talent within you, never give up writting!
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