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March 22, 2010
By Daretobedifferent GOLD, Orlando, Florida
Daretobedifferent GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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Live. Love. Laugh. Give.

Girl- Walking around with no direction, glance in the mirror- no reflection. Deep inside theres this hurt, a hurt so deep its hard to--breathe!

Guy- Breathe deep feel the healing, hes giving you back the feeling, of having a purpose in life.. hes gonna make you the perfect wife. Just breathe-

Girl- Your greater than life, greater than any guy, you surprise me with your ways and never lead me astray but I need you more than I need air, I need you to be there when no one else cares!

Guy-He'll be there dont worry, dont be in such a hurry, it'ss be in his timing- yea your his diamond.

Girl- Even when family and loved ones show me aces I know you got that royal flush and thats all I need to win.

Guy- hes our dealer, our provider, thats why were his riders, with him we'll always win. like racing in a schwin. hes our finish line---saved us from our sins.

give me one minute of the day to say all that i need to say.. just wait- I'll take more than that- Egnite the fire to burn even bigger..Fervently running after you! It's all about love!

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