March 26, 2010
By pophits2005 SILVER, Decatur, Michigan
pophits2005 SILVER, Decatur, Michigan
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If only I could take back time, and save the years we've lost.
I'd give anything to get it back, no matter what the cost.
I miss the way you'd look at me, and all the times we shared.
Now a simple memory, of a love no longer there.
I wish you knew just how much your time had meant to me.
How much I'd love to hear your voice, and trust your word to me.
But time flies by and so does lust, I wish you wouldn't go.
You held my heart yet broke it down, and still I love you so.
I never knew your true self, until that fatefull night.
The night I found out of the truth behind your every lie.
And now I lay here all alone, missing it more and more.
If only I could take back time, I'd never love before.

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