Tempus Omnia Revelat

March 26, 2010
By daggi92 BRONZE, Warrenville, Illinois
daggi92 BRONZE, Warrenville, Illinois
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"Dream and go get it" or "Let the world see what you are made of"

as the earth spins round
it's only a mystical sphere hung in space
the heart of a child
slowly becomes what no one can erase
a heart filled with fear
filled with tears she's not been allowed to cry

[as her life flies by
tempus omnia revelat
time reveals all things
as she falls apart
tempus omnia revelat
time reveals all things]

a hole in the wall
an ice pack on her arm
the scars on her wrist
all remind her of her life
she looks at him in terror
yet he can never see what he's doing
he never cared
he never will
does he even know
he's the reason for her scars


and when she dreams
she only wants
a father who cares
one who can see when something's wrong
one who tries to get her to smile
one who says she can do better
because she's a good kid
but she wakes up
she can't have that


she goes on with her life
the scars
the unreleased tears
the feelings of anger fear hoplessness
only hoping to make it out alright
as she writes a song
she's revealing her life to you
she's asking for help
she wants to make it


The author's comments:
uh..hmm..well i wrote it based on personal experience. this song means a lot to me because it was the first song that i showed my teacher. he's like a dad to me. he became really worried about me and helped me out. now im doing a lot better. i actually just showed him this yesterday. i hope people like it. it took five minutes to write like most of my other songs.

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Lynnie said...
on May. 19 2010 at 7:43 pm
Lynnie, Chicago, Illinois
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Music is life

this is really good. =] i love this piece you wrote  and i can connect wit it too

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