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March 25, 2010
By Ayman BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
Ayman BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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"We didnt land on plymouth rock, the rock landed on us" (Malcolm X)

Im Me

Cruising slowly down memory lane
seat back, laid, in the back of my range
Fathering those, whose fathers werent close
I've been hated so much that my heart don' froze
Looking at the past, i was always losing
thats why im memory lane, slowly just cruising
staring at the loses, more & more i feel the hate,
Now loving these loses because i am the man that they made
A man of pride, courage, and dignity
Got my loses in the past, but there still carried with me
Addicted to winning, striving for perfection
Whether i win or lose, its on to the next one
Dont need no role model, its just me & me
Dont need love, cause she is not for me
Fear love; love will get you killed
You already know this, dont act thrilled
Worked so hard, i knew i'd always make it
I keep it real, you all just fake it
Now that im focused, i cant get distracted
I love winning, theres no way i can lack it
Oops did i say love, i meant its a habbit
Its attracted to me, kinda like a magnet
Its more then a habbit, i think its natural
Its too easy, and i do it far to well
Let me stop, cause it sounds like im bragging
Im a classy dude, pants never sagging
I respect all, fear none
Just be like your father, make a name for yourself son!

The author's comments:
This is a peice of writing that i wrote because i felt like in the past everyone would under-estimate me because of my abilities, and that motivated to become better, and prove to the world that i am someone, and i can do anything you think i cant do. Also, this poem should message to young kids, saying that they can achieve anything, they just got to work hard at it. I want everyone who is under rated "to make name for themselves" because the feeling of success and finally telling that annoying person, that your better then them is great! Trust me.

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