Bleed it out (part 1)

March 24, 2010
As you sit and stare without blinking i ponder what your thinking
can't read your mind, so if you would be so kind
explain, allow me to understand, to grasp the truth in my hand
is this a dream not meant to be, i don't want to wait to see
just let it go, reach inside and let me know
i just want to get inside you, i want to search throughout your mind,
understand what your feelings are all about so
bleed it out, don't try to hide it
Bleed it out
my heart has shattered, are you trying to pick up the pieces?
'cause the more you put me back together, the more i work, the more i lust
so please be careful, i'm not built for hell, don't let me go unless you must
i wanna see forever, not going to let god give me another never
a maybe, an almost was, the reason i want it's just because
your what i feel, your why i heal, every touch puts a piece back where it goes
and the more that you do the more that it shows, how every look
and every word sends a feeling through my head
that makes me think so much i lay awake in bed
my nights are lonely you see, and my bed is half empty but my mind
is overflowing, yet there's things it's still not knowing and there's
empty spaces between my fingers so tempted to fill them
as yours still lingers your all i want, your all i need and

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