March 11, 2010
By FiREproof PLATINUM, Morrisville, North Carolina
FiREproof PLATINUM, Morrisville, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm Like a little dog chasing cars, i wouldn't know what to do with one if i caught it"--Joker--
"You either die a Hero or live lonq enuff to watch yourself become thu Villan"--Harvey Dent

I was speedin.
No air bags, now im bleedin.
Flew from thu car.
No lights, it was dark.
No brakes.
I like to play with thu fates.
I looked in my rearview mirror & saw my past.
Then I hit thu gas.
And heard thu engine blast.
100 miles per hour.
Car smoking like its fresh out thu shower.
Full tank of gasoline.
In my trunk sits a can of kerosene.
Push my seat back and lean.
Objects in mirror are closer than they seem.
Flying thru thu city like it’s a dream.
Swervin down thu high-way.
Thu faster I go thu faster I run-away.
Cant stop.
Thu speed meter will drop.
Told them get in.
They didn’t want to told ‘em ill see ‘em at thu end.
Life’s a race.
And I just happen to be in first place.
Ran a couple of lights so I gotta case.
Cops on my trail.
time is on my tail.
1 million is my bail.
They have to catch me to put me in jail.
Look to my left. Look to my right.
No-ones left. And no-ones in sight.
Im taking a crash course.
Going 175. pushing it by force.
Fast but not fast enuff.
I left everyone in my dust.
Turned my music all thu way up.
To block out thu fuss.
Then comes this truck.
Im thinking to myself ima test my luck.
He speeds up.
I speed up.
Then I see him duck.
I turn thu wheels a lil too late.
Then push on my brakes.
I look in thu mirror to my face.
i look over my shoulder.
My body got a lil bit colder.
But my mind got a lil bolder.
I hear a smash.
Then I mash.
Thu gas.
I fly thru thu glass.
Take in a breath like its my last.
I figured my time was up I told myself.
Right thru thu window no seat-belt.
im in mid-air.
Glass and blood in my hair.
My hearing is a blur.
Im thinking about TT im thinking about her.
My speed is slow motion.
Sick & tired of all this emotion.
I hear thu sirens and other commotion.
About 50 feet away from my ride.
Losing blood laying on my side.
Success is on my mind.
I let out a cry.
For my desire to fly.
I place my hands under me.
And struggle to my feet.
I stumble. Then I fall.
Left leg is broken. So I decide to crawl.
Im dragging my body across thu pavement.
Thinking to myself I gotta make it.
Thu closer I get.
I see more dents.
Thu truck is about 75 yards away.
From me.
I climb in my car.
Cursing to get it to start.
Thu man is laying in thu road.
Im screaming at myself to go.
He is damaged.
I wonder how thu hell I managed.
My car roars to life.
Im leaving his life to chance. Dice.
I tell myself to move ahead.
But he looks at me and his eyes beg.
Im losing blood. if I don’t go now ill be stranded.
My human nature is demanded.
My hunger for freedom.
I convince myself I cant leave ‘em.
I pull up to him.
And tell him to climb in.
He is wreckless.
And he’s about breathless.
I lean his seat back.
Then I tell him to relax.
I push thru thu night.
Going in and out of my sight.
Drop him off at thu hospital.
Iont have time to doddle.
I leave.
I ax him for his name he replied Sheem.
He told me thank you.
I said don’t mention it now I gotta do what I do.
I sped off.
Paying thu cost.
Gotta GPS so I cant get lost.
I turn on my brights.
And out-shine thu other lights.
Hadda trade my vehicle in.
Back to thu race I gotta win.
I look at my watch.
It says 12 o’clock.
I search for motivation.
But im not that patient.

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