March 11, 2010
By FiREproof PLATINUM, Morrisville, North Carolina
FiREproof PLATINUM, Morrisville, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm Like a little dog chasing cars, i wouldn't know what to do with one if i caught it"--Joker--
"You either die a Hero or live lonq enuff to watch yourself become thu Villan"--Harvey Dent

Unforgettable, but unrememberale.
Im thu past, present and future me.
I choose who I want to be.
I hear what I wanna see.
And stay wit who I wanna leave.
Iont see what I believe.
And I runaway from what can be my lee.
I am not what you expect.
I may be sick in my mind. double check.
Im no normal person.
Im not aware of my purpose.
You think outside thu box, while I flip it.
You runaway from chance, while I hit it.
Your scared of thu truth, while I live it.
yeah, you may begin it. But ima end it.
Im going up.
While you, honey you stuck.
Im going in and im going out.
While you complaining at yo mama house.
I am what im about.
And you well d**n .. your just a doubt.

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