Ice Skates

March 12, 2010
By Anonymous

(Verse 1)

Get out, Run away,
Steal the soul, fight the pain.
Your In and your out,
Your up then your down.
How many scars do I have?
Way too many to count.
You fight your emotional sadness,
With pure, frightening madness.


My emotional pain is causing me,
To go completely insane.
Physical pain,
Is my kind of game.
Skating across my wrists,
And punching walls with my fists.

(Verse 2)

I'm called a freak
And even a geek.
But I'm neither of those,
Though you may think so.
You cause me this pain,
I now have someone to blame.
I could careless,
About your, second guess

(Guitar Solo)
(Outro)-Slowly Fading Out

You make fun of me,
You could careless for me,
You would rather kill me.
Are you happy now?
I bleed to death causing me some pain,
Cause you made me insane.
You are skating upon my wrists,
When i truly missed.

The author's comments:
This is one of many depressing songs ive written. What inspired me to write this is just life and how im being treated like an outcast and loosing friends left and right and my x broke up with me that same day so a lot of things made me write this songs along with many others.

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