Letting Go

March 11, 2010
Faded like the seems,
On the sleeves of my wornout dreams.
& i'm gasping for a breath of you.
I'm gasping for something so refreshing and new.
But the truth is hidden behind a barrier of lies,
And i can never see through your mysterious disguise.
You're faded but you're clear,
You're far but you're so near.
& you make my thoughts like pieces of a puzzle that just won't fit,
You're like that frustrating game that i will never quit.
Cause the soundtrack to my day is quite oftenly your voice,
It's like taking a vote, but you only get one choice.
You're the air that fills my lungs, but my breath's getting hard to catch.
You're that one thing i thought i'd always hold onto, but i'm starting to detach.
When your "im sorry's" start to lose their meaning,
And i start to lose my sense of dreaming,
It's kind of hard to believe,
When all you do is deceive.

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