March 10, 2010
By Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
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Excuse me??

You and I both
Oh, yeah we both swore
Swore we'd never let go
That kind of promise can't be returned oh,

I can't fly up to hevan with you holding on to my foot
So why dont you just let go?
I'v taught you all and everything that I know

So let me pack up your dreams and hopes
You'll get them back
Sincerly from god, In your very own freakin post card.

Tonight we'll say goodbye,
(oh, goodbye)

Yeah I'll do it
I'll say goodbye

Out dated and abused
The rainbows in our cds won't shine anymore

Oh, the screams inside my head
The tears I saw in your eyes

The screams inside my head!
All of your sick lies

I'll be the one to say goodbye,
Oh, yeah, I'll do it
I'll say goodbye


The bottles sitting infront of you
How could you do this to me?
We both took our knifes
Burnt and scratched
Untill there were no lyrics left

I'll just cover up my scars
Can't you see were falling?
Falling faster by the secound baby
You made my legs shake
I can almost feel my lashes freezing

Tonight will be the night,
I'll say goodbye,
Can you hear my screams?

We'll both say goodbye
One last time

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