My Secret

March 5, 2010
By Anonymous

I’m hiding my secret from the world
I tell no man, woman, boy, or girl
It’s locked up in the dungeon of my heart
Only God knows how much it is tearing me apart
I just want to scream it out
Tell everyone to listen up
How will they react?
Will how sorrowful it makes me be enough?
Some think that I am so grand
But if they ever hear this
I will be sure to get dissed
And my face no one will miss
Some people forgive
But this is big
A larger whole it constantly digs
It is so huge, it sometimes makes me weak
It snatches all of my words so I cannot speak
My secret controls all my actions
Playing with my emotions gives it satisfaction
I don’t have a father or mother
So they don’t care of how my secret sets me on fire
And they don’t see the glow of it that I wear
I’ve hidden my secret for many years
Praying that it will just disappear
Each day it gets harder and harder to hold
Inside it makes my body cold
My secret kills me slowly
Why me? Why me?
This is not who I am
I don’t want it to be
But the reality is
It really is me
No matter how much I try to deny
And no matter how many tears I cry
It is my scarlet letter
It is my night
It is my sin
It is my pain
It causes my tears to fall like heavy rain
It hides deep within me waiting to come out
And when it does
All will know what the sadness in my eyes is about.

The author's comments:
It is inspired by my life and a secret that I have.

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