March 3, 2010
By Anonymous

Verse One:
Forget it
Forgive it
That’s what they all say
Live to fight another day
But they don’t know (no they don’t know)
I’m about to explode
Cause there’s a bullet
Inside of me
It was…

Shot out of you and
Bled into me
Piercing through to my soul
Just bleed, just bleed
Can you hear me now?
Can’t you see?
There’s a bullet in my heart
Just bleed, just bleed

Verse Two:
Coursing through my veins,
It’s starting to take over me
No bullet hole
But it’s taking its toll
It cut way down deep
Inside of me


Don’t you seeeee, what you’ve done?
Can’t you seeeee, what I’ve become?
Pathetic meeeee, afraid to speeeak
Don’t wanna beeeee weeeeak
Just close my eyeeees and waste awaaaay
And live to fight another day


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